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Squire WS75 Stronghold Container Padlock with Evva ICS High Security Key

Squire WS75 Stronghold Container Padlock with Evva ICS High Security Key

Squire WS75 Stronghold CEN 4 with high security Evva ICS patented key.
WS75 Container Padlock suitable for new and old style containers, warehouses etc
Squire WS75 Solid Hardened Steel Lock Body with Hardened Boron Alloy Steel Shackle is an extremely secure padlock.Evva ICS high security cylinder has split and non-split scanning elements prevent scanning positions from being detected. The ICS cylinder is practically impossible to open with lock picking tools. The hidden gates on the locking pins prevent the ICS cylinder from being scanned.
The chrome-vanadium elements in ICS cylinder protect it from illegal opening methods. Additional security elements offer high attack resistance.
Squire WS75 padlock has Two Levels of Coating with Zinc Plating as a Base Coat and Black Electrophoretic as a second.
The Evva ICS key has a thickness of 3mm and the high-quality nickel silver alloy making the key virtually unbreakable and resistant to wear.
Evva ICS is Patent protected until 2029 every key is uniquely cut and coded providing a high level pf security against unauthorised key duplication.
Evva ICS can be keyed alike or masterkeyed to all of the Squire Stronghold range of padlocks and a comprehensive range of cylinders allowing the same key or various keys on a masterkey suite to operate many different types of locks
Body Height 65mm
Body Width 80mm
Body Depth 26mm
Horizontal Shackle Clearance 27mm
Vertical Shackle Clearance 14mm
Shackle diameter 12mm
Supplied with 2 keys. Extra keys cost £9.50 + vat when purchased with padlock(s). Usual price is £10.80 + vat per key
No charge for keying alike.2 keys will be supplied in total if keyed alike option is selected below and not 2 keys per padlock.

Price: 79.90 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Extra Keys
Keyed alike 2 keys supplied